Our Presence on Planet Earth: The Truth Seeker


     At this point in history, planet Earth is home to many peoples of varying character and intelligence.  If you are raised in a certain part of the world where Buddhism predominates, then more than likely you will be raised to know Buddha.  The same can be said for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, among others.  Most do not venture beyond their childhood religious upbringing, especially when it comes to the topics of God and religion.  Once a Jew, always a Jew; once a Hindu, always a Hindu.  But there is a percentage of persons who do question the faith of their fathers.  Many of these simply ask the questions and let them be, thinking that the answers are not possible to know or that the answer is too "mysterious" and therefore is beyond knowing.

     Others who take advantage of "free thought," i.e., thinking without the constraints of institutional regulations, be they organized religious institutions, state or political institutions (heralded in the modern era during the Scientific Revolution and the French Enlightenment), do so to the point of distorting the very thing that they have decided to engage thoughtfully and critically.  For instance, many chide religion, Christianity in particular, but they are really at odds with what mankind has done in the name of religion: wars, bloodshed, political intrigue, craving for power, control of the masses, etc.  The result is that God, Christ, and the Bible become whipping posts whenever one banters against religion.  Thus, "free thought," if not careful, quickly degenerates into a kind of thinking that is suspicious of anything Godly or Christian.  As the old expression goes, "The baby is thrown out with the bath water."  Hence, atheists rail against religion and Christianity as dangerous forms of mind control along with the belief in a forgiving God that erodes any self-responsibility.  But, in fact, self responsibility is not something that is antithetical to the Bible.  Ezekiel 18 is one of the clearest forms of self-responsibility to be found in any literature, secular or religious.  What "free thinkers" miss is the fact that modern Christianity and God are not cut from the same cloth; "the Bible" and God are not cut from the same cloth; human interpretations of the Bible and God are not cut from the same cloth; and modern Christian doctrine and Christ are not cut from the same cloth.

     So many things grab the attention of the person who begins to gaze beyond the end of his nose in matters of religion and related affairs.  The inquisitive soul knows to practice skepticism, that is, to suspend judgment once the move is made to investigate his or her faith and the faiths of others more closely, more critically.  The lot of humankind does not bother with moving beyond the doors of the various faith temples and churches.  But those few enlightened souls who do will begin a long and arduous journey.  Some might visit their local public library to find books on the history of Christianity, the apostles, Jesus and His times, the development of dogmas and doctrines that Christians are simply expected to accept as the truth without question, and possibly the history and development of other religious movements.  These books will lead to other books, some possibly dealing with such topics as "reincarnation" and "the spirit world"; perusal of their bibliographies will also reveal even more obscure books and academic articles that might aid in a deeper understanding of Christianity.  Many will become caught in the ruts of New Age thinking or become enthralled by a so-called "Wisdom of the Ancients" whose revival is seen in modern-day "paganism."  As for Christians who explore beyond their home church, some become enticed by Gnostic versions of Christianity or else adopt a syncretism of Christian esotericism highlighted with Eastern philosophy and Pagan mystery religions of Egypt and Greece.   An inquisitive, honest, and straight Christian will soon tire of these brands of Christianity; he or she will grow weary of all of the alternative forms of Christianity (including the orthodox forms, e.g., Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, Adventist, Presbyterian, and so on) and will want something better; something more substantive; something more true; something that logically and coherently connects all of the dots.

       Before the Christian seeker can discern all of this new thinking and new ideas that comes his or her way, he must first muse on a very important, very fundamental question: Why am I on planet Earth?  The short answer, "Because God created it this way," quickly gives way to the torrent of other thoughts and questions that the inquisitive Christian has considered at great length.  The weight of this torrent crushes the standard treatment of human existence by Christian orthodoxy.  The question is then asked for all humans: Why are we ALL here on planet Earth?  Some diseased, some not.  Some wealthy, some not.  Some Christian, some not.  Some abused, some not.  Some mentally handicapped, some not.  Some physically handicapped, some not.  Some killed, some not.  Some murdered, some not.  Some atheist, some not.  Some raped, some not.  Some molested, some not.  Some criminals, some not.  Some tortured to death, some not.  Some sadistic, some not.  Some angelic, some not.  Some loving, some not.  Some caring, some not.  Some cruel, some not.  The list goes on and on, vice after vice, virtue after virtue.  If there is a God, how is He working through all this seemingly confusion and randomness?  What was/is God doing when a person is being tortured to death?  Or being thrown to the lions by the Romans?  Or being nailed, upside down, through the genitals on a cross (as was done during Roman times), while another victim was nailed on the other side of the cross, or multiple victims nailed to a single cross?  Such historical testimony has made many honest truth seekers to believe that there can't possibly be an all powerful, all loving God.  How is justice determined in such individual cases?  As Job once lamented, "Both the innocent and the wicked he (God) destroys" (Job 9:22).  The Christian seeker will soon realize that he is not alone in such thoughts and questions, for many before him have grappled with the very same issues from ancient to modern times. 

     Christians are familiar with the phrase "the Fall" from the Adam and Eve narrative in Genesis.  But they have not heard of the Fall of the Spirits from Heaven.  This is not a novel idea or some Gnostic, esoteric, extra-biblical doctrine as some preachers and ministers might have their flocks believe in order to ridicule it.  The fall of the spirits from heaven is found in the standard Christian Bibles (see this website).  Two other items that pre-suppose one another are also at work in the answer: pre-existence and reincarnation.  Does a person come into existence for the first time at conception?  At birth?  If so, then why do some find life pleasing and others do not?  What exactly is a person?  It is these questions that the Christian seeker must first answer correctly in order to begin to properly gauge and discern the rest that comes his way in the guise of "spiritual truth" or "wisdom."  The answers are sometimes staring us in the face, right off of the pages of Scripture; others are to be found between the lines.  The Christian seeker will find that, although he has left his church by the wayside, the Bible of his church will become even more useful to him than before; but he will be reading it and understanding those very same passages quite unlike his church understands them.  This realization will show that the Bible is not the only and final book on "the word of God," for the Bible is not just one; there are many Bibles, not all alike, some with different books than others, some translated differently than others and with different meanings.  The Bible is not God's final revelation to mankind, for the Bible is not revelation in the first place; it is a collection of documents whose originals are no longer available.  As it is recorded in the Bibles themselves, revelation can only come directly from God alone, the very Fountainhead itself: "When Moses entered the tent, the column of cloud used to come down and stand at the entrance of the tent, when the Eternal was speaking to Moses" (Exodus 33:9); "And the Lord came down in the cloud, and spoke to him . . ." (Numbers 11:25); "I am coming to you in a thick cloud, so that the people may hear me speaking to you" (Exodus 19:9); ". . . where I meet you and speak to you" (Exodus 29:42); ". . . and the Eternal said to him" (Numbers 7:89).

     How is the Christian seeker able to achieve a correct understanding that will help him answer the questions of human existence on planet Earth?  His searches will continuously point in the same direction, to the same source beyond his or her Bible.  The only One who can provide the best and most true answer is none other than God Himself.  What if a Christian (and everybody else) had an opportunity to speak directly to God?  What would He tell us and how would He say it?  Are we permitted to speak directly with God?  Our Bibles tell us, Yes.  But the churches have taken up the role of communicating the will of God, and the ministers and priests tell us what God told His people in times past by reading it from English translations of those old Hebrew texts and then embellishing it with their own  interpretations; in this way they have essentially usurped God's personal addresses to His people as He once communicated them in the past to the ancient Hebrews, the early Jews, and the earliest Christians.  These ancient people never consulted a book or a minister.  They consulted God directly and God answered them directly.  Certainly, God was not always willing to answer, for "revelation of the Lord was uncommon and vision infrequent" during the days of young Samuel (1 Samuel 3:1) and even though Saul "consulted the Lord, the Lord gave no answer whether in dreams, or by the Urim or through prophets" (1 Samuel 28:6).  Yet, God does speak directly to His people and anyone who desires Him; God wants us to seek Him so that He may speak directly to us: "Thus says the Lord, holy one of Israel, his maker, 'Ask me of things to come.'" (Isaiah 45:11).  The Christian seeker rightly wonders just how this communication between the Great Almighty God, who is Pure Spirit, and we puny mortals takes place.  The seeker has already been given a clue in 1 Samuel 28:6, "dreams, the Urim, and prophets."  Research into what these terms meant in the days of the Hebrews will reveal to the Christian seeker that these terms are related to what we today know as "spiritism," or communication with the spirit world, usually through the agency of a medium.  But modernity has set up a stumbling block for the Christian seeker on the matter of communicating with spirits.  All sorts of theories  espoused by Psychologists and Psychiatrists reduce the reality of spirits and their communications through human mediums to the operations of the subconscious or to some physio-psychological aberration of the brain such as schizophrenia.  The seeker should be aware of these theories but should not be worried by them, for he or she will also find experimental evidence for the existence of spirits exogenous to the brain and human mind (see this website).  The churches have also set up stumbling blocks by branding all spirits who speak through a medium as being "demons."  They support this position by citing the anti-divinatory laws in the Old Testament that ban "spiritists," "mediums," and "consulting the dead" (see Lev 20:27 and Deut 18:10-12).  But the Christian seeker will find that these anti-divinatory laws are not a blanket ban on consulting the spirit world, for God is also a Spirit (Isaiah 31:3) and he communicates directly as "a Spirit" or by sending one of His spirit agents known as "a spirit of the Lord" or "a spirit of God" or "an angel of the Lord" who communicate His will to humankind.  So the term "spiritism" does not refer to any specific kind of spirit (as the churches would have us believe), but rather that "a spirit" of any kind is sought in communication ("spirit"-ism).  The Christian is urged to communicate with holy spirits (1 Thess 5:19-20; 1 Cor 12:10; 14:12; 1 John 4:1-4).      

       The Christian seeker will come across pearls of great price that he or she will hold close to his heart.  One of these pearls is the recognition that he has lived on this Earth before and that incarnation on the Earth erases any prior memories of past lives in heaven, hell, or on Earth.  This was once recognized by Plato who claimed that souls who are undergoing preparation for Earth life must first pass over (or under) the "Bridge of Forgetfulness" so that once they incarnate they no longer possess the knowledge of having been a soul in the Beyond or previous incarnations on the  Earth.  This forgetfulness due to incarnation is also found in the Bible: "There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after" (Ecclesiastes 1:11).  Even Christ was not exempt from this effect of incarnation: "He emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, coming in human likeness, and found human in appearance"  (Philippians 2:7).  Armed with this bit of knowledge, the Christian seeker is aware of the danger that he faces: since we know not our past, we also know not of the reason for our presence on planet Earth, our participation in the fall, our stay in hell for aeons, and our character in those days.  Lacking this knowledge, we are prone to repeat the same mistakes and fall into the same traps.  We come into this world thinking that God has created us for the first time, either at conception or at birth.  It is because of this thinking that many people cannot accept the existence of an all-powerful, all-loving God: if He created us anew at birth, then why are some born maimed, crippled, and others are not?  Questions on the origin of the human soul are simply tucked away by the answer that we were created at birth.

     We come into this world spiritually blind and thus we are susceptible to the thorns, thistles, and the chaff that is masqueraded as "the Truth" by the clergies of all denominations. Even more dangerous it is when intelligent, sentient, extraterrestrial beings, be they spirits or "humans" in silver, interdimensional discs come to Earth as heralds of "Truth" when, in fact, this truth comes wrapped in a powerful soul-deceiving package whose phantasmagoria clouds the thinking and rids discernment.  The beings who intentionally spread deceit in order to ensnare humankind are the false prophets and the spirits of anti-Christ about whom Christians of ages past were warned.  Some false prophets, who think they are heralds of truth and who claim that they are here to "fulfill a mission," are really in league with false teachings whose source is found in very powerful beings; the allure that these beings can perpetrate is very, very, very strong indeed, especially in tandem with the fact that we have no memory of our past that reveals to us the truth of why we are on Earth and what Earth actually is.  As along as knowledge of our past in the spirit world is lacking, the Evil One can lay many traps and snares that are camouflaged as "spiritual teachings."  The Christian seeker will cringe at the strength of the power of this deception from the Beyond; the greatness of this power is used to attract many minds and devotees into thinking that they have finally found the truth that they have been looking for all of their lives; a truth, however, propagated by this deceptive power from beyond Earth.  This deception is spearheaded by a spirit being who has acquired the name "Lucifer" via the Latin Vulgate.  Many scoff at the idea of Lucifer or "Satan" and Christian preachers do little good in their presentation of the "satanic" part of creation, i.e., the lower spiritual world and its tyrannical government and the overthrow of that government by Christ's Victory.  In the minds of those who have become weary of traditional religion, the chaos of Christianity and religion in general is identified with Christianity itself.  The image of a cocky, self-righteous, and assertive television evangelist waving a Bible in the air is almost always identified with what Christianity really is.  Thus, many rationalize in the following manner: Christianity today contains many erroneous creeds and dogmas; the belief in Lucifer or Satan is one of the beliefs of Christianity today; therefore, belief in Lucifer or Satan is potentially one of the erroneous beliefs of Christianity.  So goes the logic of those who have been enchanted by many of today's spiritualities from the Beyond and who lack the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff that pours out of a television evangelist's mouth.

     Our memory of having once been slaves of Lucifer in his prison camps in the lower spiritual worlds before the creation of the material world is lacking (and necessarily so, for God has given each of us an opportunity to renew ourselves in fresh incarnations).  What is required, the Christian seeker will soon find, is direct communication with God, for only He can remind us of who we are and why we are on Earth and what we face while on Earth.  The answers to the knotty questions of why things happen they way that they do on Earth will be given.  The Christian seeker will understand that this direct communication is referenced in his New Testament whenever he reads of the sending of "the Spirit of Truth" or of "the Paraclete" or of the writings of Paul on prophecy and the "spirits of the prophets" or references to "discerning" and "testing spirits."  Let the Christian seeker seek unto his God.  And when he does he will soon find that God, the ultimate Authority, maintains the existence of the spirits of deceit and of a myriad of other creatures that are bent on destroying humankind and allows their sinister activity on Earth.  The Christian seeker will rightly ponder, "Why, O Lord?"  The seeker may not fully understand why God allows demonic forces to plague and mislead humankind, but even this part of creation is according to His overall strategy for recalling the fallen spirits, for both we and the demons that plague us are fallen spirits.  Thus, we who are on the Earth have decided to leave their ranks in order to incarnate and begin our way back to heaven.  The demons and evil spirits know this and, because of this, taunt us because they do not want to see us progress heavenward to God and Christ.  They are bent on our failure by creating doubt and fear just as they did when we were in the Abyss (for many of us were those very demons who aeons ago decided to have a change of heart and follow Christ).  For this reason, the demons are allowed to have their way with us, and it is up to us to choose them or Christ.  By choosing Christ, we put ourselves in opposition to the demons.  Those who choose Christ (or God for non-Christians) will find themselves on the defensive.  The Earth experience, then, becomes a learning experience, for we who were once "dead" are now made "alive" in Christ = we who were once counted among the fallen spirits severed from God are now counted among those who have decided to (re)learn the divine order of heaven where Christ is King under God Who is over ALL in order to be made fit for it once we pass out-of-body from the Earth.  The demonic hold on Earth is allowed by God because the Earth is a part of that demonic order; it is here that the Christian seeker realizes that those who choose the higher path will be disciplined by their constant resistance against the demons' taunts and temptations.  As Commodianus once observed: "Seek, all of you, in the law of the Omnipotent.  Thus it has pleased the Lord of lords Himself in the heavens, that demons should wander in the world for our discipline.  He has sent out his mandates, that they who forsake their (the demons') altars shall become inhabitants of heaven."  The Christian seeker, even when he has been a little enlightened by God through His holy spirits, will sometimes simply have to wonder, hope, have faith, and marvel: "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts" (Isaiah 55:9).  But this should not discourage the Christian seeker: "Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, and with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God"  (Philippians 4:6).  And  God will answer: "Thus says the Lord who made the earth and gave it form and firmness, whose name is Lord: Call to me, and I will answer you; I will tell you great things beyond reach of your knowledge" (Jeremiah 33:2-3).

     Once the Christian seeker is armed with the knowledge that he or she has existed for aeons and that this Earth life is not the first time for his or her existence, and  furthermore, that he or she participated, long, long ago, in the Great Rebellion that resulted in the Fall of the Spirits from Heaven---("And war broke out in heaven.  Michael and his legions fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they [we] lost their [our] place in heaven" [Rev 12:7-8]--God was all too aware of the possibility that his children might abuse His gift of free will and disobey Him; hence, Michael and his legions were already a part of the heavenly order long before the Fall ever took place to guard against such a possibility-unfortunately, this was the case)--then the Christian seeker will want to know how the Creation is ordered for the ascent of the fallen spirits; an ascent made possible only by Christ's Victory over Lucifer a mere 2,000 years ago.  Spirit planes of progression were necessary for God's Plan of Salvation to be fulfilled.  Our Earth is situated in a physical dimension of one of the lower spheres, actually the highest of the lower spheres, numerically the 9th plane.

     Within the material creation, there are seven planes of spiritual evolution through which fallen spirits are presently ascending: 1) one-celled organisms-----2) Stones-----3) Plants-----4) Flowers-----5) Trees-----6) Insects and Creepy Crawly things-----7) Animals-----8) Humans.  Thus, evolution is not about the evolution of the physical bodies, as Darwin's theory of Descent would have us believe.  Instead, it is the spirit that is "evolving" or moving, stage by stage, through the various bodies of physical creation in order to climb its way out of the Abyss and back to Heaven.  The different physical bodies, plants as well as animals and humans, are not simply haphazard forms that God decided to create but actually play a role in stabilizing and "refining" the vibrations of a fallen spirit in order to make them more fit for the next incarnation level until that spirit is fit to live in its own true form, a spirit body, in the heavenly dimensions.  Humans and the apes are related in one capacity; humans are the highest "animal" on Earth.  Once a spirit has reached the human stage, he or she may have to live in that stage only once or may have to reincarnate as many times as is necessary in order to pass all requisite tests on Earth before entry into Paradise, the 10th sphere, and beyond is allowed.

     The Christian seeker need not worry about the spirit planes of Creation as a kind of New Age concoction that does not tally with Christianity.  Both early Jews and early Christians believed in multiple heavens and multiple hells.  For instance, in the Old Testament, what is commonly known as "Hell" by Christians was called "Sheol" by the Hebrews and Sheol was made up of different locations, some worse than others.  In the New Testament, there are several words for what is regarded collectively as "Hell": Tartarus, Hades, and Gehenna.  Each of these names indicates specific locations (planes) in the lower spirit creation wherein are the fallen spirits.  Likewise, the heavens are multiple as indicated by Paul himself who wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:2 of visiting the "third heaven."  In the Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah "seven heavens" are mentioned, and in John 14:2 the gospel author records that "in my Father's house there are many rooms" (some versions have "many mansions").  When we say "the spirit world" what we really mean refers to "worlds of spirit" that encompass both the "higher" dimensions, known as the heavens, and the "lower" dimensions, known as the hells.  The dimensions "higher" and "lower" are so-called in relation to that dimension in which the Earth inhabits.  Thus the phrase "spirit world" is used in the singular to denote a plurality of dimensions (planes, spheres) that are inhabited by a myriad of spirit beings whose attitude and disposition toward themselves, toward their neighbor, and toward God run the spectrum of virtues and vices, and that also determine the dimension to which each spirit inhabits.  Humans occupy a unique place in Creation, for they are spirits incarnate, i.e., "in flesh" bodies.  

     Once the Christian seeker considers the above matter, the answer to the catalogue of 'some . . . some not,' "some (whatever vice), some not" and "some (whatever virtue), some not," is immediately seen: human beings on Earth are at different levels or different stages in their ascent from out of the Abyss.  Many low-minded, cruel, criminal, and sadistic persons are not as advanced as those humans who are loving, caring, thoughtful, patient, and generous to their fellow man.  Many spirits are incarnating for the first time as humans on Earth, their previous incarnation being that of an animal of some sort.  There is no retrogression from humans to animals; a human being does not reincarnate as an animal.  Humans who are born autistic, with cerebral palsy, or some other mental aberration are spirits who are still closer to the lower animal kingdom and have taken up a human physical body for the first time. Sometimes, these incapacities might be a form of karma, i.e., maladies due to a person's actions in a past life; maladies that are not only meant to be a punishment but a punishment that is meant to "correct" or "chastise" or "discipline" the spirit in question.  Other times, a very high spirit might incarnate from above as a child with mental incapacities or some other problem in order to teach the parents of that child how to love and have patience.  So when you view a retarded child, keep in mind that you may very well be looking directly into the eyes of a very high, pure spirit who, because of his or her infirmities as a human, will never have to worry about being taught incorrectly about God and Christ.  The fact that the Earth is Lucifer's foothold in all of physical Creation makes it easy even for the most righteous, advanced soul to trip and fall and give in to temptation or to be influenced by lowly spirits.  The Earth is a hodgepodge of spirits fresh out of the Abyss who want to advance beyond Hell, spirits who have incarnated on Earth many times before and who need much time to learn their lessons, and advanced spirits who have been redeemed since their Fall and are on Earth as a volunteer to lead other spirits back to Christ and God.  The Earth is like a school, from Kindergarten to Graduate School.  Kindergartners and 1st graders, i.e., criminals and human beings whose mental capacity is low or average, to Juniors in college, i.e., spiritual-minded human beings who know how to Love and who might even know the Truth about God and Christ beyond that which the churches give us, walk the same streets on planet Earth.  It is the responsibility of the "upper classmen" to teach the "lower classmen" how to act, think, learn, understand, and seek.  This has been the mission of both pure spirits who did not take part in the Fall but who, nevertheless, came to Earth as heralds of the Messiah, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel (among others), and the Fallen spirits who have been redeemed and volunteer to come to Earth as teachers and leaders.  The redeemed spirit or the pure spirit who has not fallen faces a formidable challenge when coming to Earth.  Once born as a child, that spirit no longer has any recollection as to whether it is a pure spirit or a redeemed one who has regained his or her heavenly status.  The incarnated spirit comes face to face with powerful spirits who mean to do him harm and mislead him in this Dragon's Lair called Earth, Lucifer's Dominion.  The incarnated spirit must acquire the necessary and correct knowledge about the role of Creation, the existence of God, and what was gained by the Mission of Christ.  But this is not easy.  The spirit must act according to strong character and reconnect with his higher calling and maintain a posture of endurance in the face of doubt and fear, while doing his best to educate himself and ask for guidance.  Sometimes this is called "raising one's vibrations" or achieving "high vibrations."  One's thoughts must move upward and Godward despite the fact that "the corruptible body burdens the soul" and "the earthen shelter weighs down the mind that has many concerns"  (Wisdom 9:15).  Anger and resentment are especially difficult for some volunteers to overcome and conquer.  Volunteers are given only according to what is required for their missions and this may also be balanced with that volunteer's past incarnational history.  A volunteer may also find other like-minded persons who themselves might be volunteers with a similar mission.  Groups emerge around volunteers who hold weekly meetings in order to grow closer to God and become more sensitive to the holy spirits so that a communication line may be opened up between the group and the holy spirits.  The reader of this webpage might him or herself be a volunteer, or possibly even one of the pure spirits who did not fall.  The "burden of proof" will haunt some volunteers, but they will be given the "proof" necessary if they keep looking, searching, asking, and remain steadfast and patient.  One step at a time is required, for even Christ, the Highest of all created spirits, had to remain patient and endure the day-to-day, gradual unfolding of His Mission, even up until his final days on Earth.  It wasn't until His death and His passing out of body did Christ FULLY know what His Mission was truly all about.

     Since 1932 the Earth has been blessed with a book for the spirit volunteers and the pure spirits who come to Earth in order to educate and aid the fallen spirits, i.e., humanity.  This book has made it easier for those to reconnect with and recall their spiritual past and has taught them the way to communicate with God as was done in ages past among the ancient Hebrews and the earliest Christians.  The book is really intended for everyone, whether a pure spirit, a redeemed spirit who has volunteered, or a spirit in the process of being redeemed and educated, Christian and non-Christian alike, regardless of ethnicity.  However, as it was in days past during the early Christian era, so it is today: "And yet, what we say as true wisdom, it is such only in the eyes of those who are ripe to receive it" (1 Corinthians 2:6).  The book is Communication with the Spirit World of God: Its Laws and Purpose by Johannes Greber.  Many other books exist that claim to be communication from advanced spirits or spiritually advanced human beings who exist in a higher dimension.  But the Greber text is really the only one of its kind.  It takes the Scriptures as we have them and explains them while most other communications from other "higher intelligences" substitute the Scriptures with their own versions (see this website).

Consider this analogy.  The slide that has been sitting in the microscope has become a little "fuzzy" over time because the focus has been bumped or manipulated by others who believed that its original clarity needed to be "refocused."  Now, a "higher" more "spiritually advanced" being recommends that since the slide is "fuzzy" and not clear, we should remove the slide altogether and "I"--so says this higher being--will provide you with or guide you to the "original" slide so that you may place it in the microscope and when properly focused, you will see the "original" truth.

Be on guard.