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Communication With the Spirit World of God - It's Laws and Purpose.

Personal Experiences of a Catholic Priest    by Johannes Greber



Many messages from holy spirits of God, throughout the century, including visions and spiritistic experiences from Rev. Billy Graham, Albert Einstein, Pres. George Washington and others.



This is the site of our German friends, Michael Krause and others, who are devoted to communication with the holy spirits of God as detailed in the Greber book.



This is the site of Dominik Grupp who is devoted to communication with the holy spirits of God and to the Plan of Salvation as outlined in the Greber book.



This is a German site devoted to Christian spiritism as it is detailed in Johannes Greber, Communication with the Spirit World.



This is a German site devoted to the Greber book.



This is a German site devoted to research in the paranormal and Christian spiritism found in the Greber book.



Beatrice and Arthur Brunner started a prayer circle inspired by the Greber book just after World War 2 in Switzerland.  Beatrice Brunner gave many trance lectures from the late 1940s through the early 1980s.  Her trance lectures, given by various good spirits, were recorded and transcribed.  These transcriptions can be accessed from this site.



This site chronicles the ITC and EVP researches of Marc Macy, inspired by George Meek's earlier work with Spiricom.  Pictures of the spirit world and the spirits are given here along with many other links to webpages related to ITC research and its results.  Serious research into electronic communication with the spirit world began during the 1970s.  Konstantine Raudive's book Breakthrough! chronicles this early research.