Scientific Evidence for a Spirit World and Life after Death


"The supernatural is only the natural not yet understood"--Carl A. Wickland, M. D.


By "scientific evidence" we mean tangible evidence that can be observed with one or more of the five senses or else measured and monitored by technology that allows us to observe things that our normal senses are unable to perceive, e.g., radio waves, roentgen rays, light waves, etc.  Consider the following address from a holy spirit:

Many people who say they do not believe in God think that those who do are living in a fairy tale world - Alice in Wonderland. To them the Christian precepts make no sense: pray and God will give you what you wish for, be good and you will go to heaven, misbehave and you will be punished. It is much more intelligent to think scientifically.

As a scientific person, facts are facts; emotions do not enter into the understanding of our lives. All that praying, wishing, fearing, etc., is all a waste of time and energy. If there were a God, we should be able to see Him, hear Him or have some proof of His existence by the results of His power. We cannot believe in something we cannot see, so until we have proof, we do not believe.

Science shows cause and effect. The law of gravity is real, otherwise we and everything around us would float aimlessly somewhere. The sun causes water to evaporate creating clouds which return to earth in the form of rain, snow, etc. This is scientific. Matter has molecules that can be made to move so as to create different formations. This is scientific. Humans have DNA that can be manipulated to create new body parts or even a complete new human. This is scientific.

So, we either believe in God or we believe in science. Christians say, “God always was, so what about science, did it always exist? Where did it come from? What is the purpose of gravity, condensation, molecules, DNA? For what purpose does it all exist? Without DNA there would be no man, so who would need all the scientific facts that we have discovered? And why do we say that we have discovered a new scientific fact, why don't we say we have created it?

Could it be that we are unable to create anything at all? Could it be that it was all created for us and all we can do is discover it and manipulate it? So, should we believe in science only or should we believe in God as well? Could it be that the two are not at odds with each other and if we search, could we perhaps discover that God is very scientific?